Teacher’s of Computer Technology

Teacher(s) listed below is not according to seniority.

Sl.# Picture Name Designation Email Mobile Profile
1 Md. Nurus Shams Chowdhury Md. Nurus Shams Chowdhury Chief Instructor, Computer nurusshams777@gmail.com 01927136489
2 Anik Barua Anik Barua Instructor, Computer anik1cse@yahoo.com 01818720691
3 Md. Mostafizur Rahman Md. Mostafizur Rahman Instructor, Computer shakilnub73@gmail.com 01820172272
4 Lutfun Nahar Munni Lutfun Nahar Munni Instructor, Computer munni08021@gmail.com 01737790848
5 Dulal Roy Dulal Roy Jr. Instructor, Computer rdulal777@gmail.com 01921141622
6 Md. Farid Alom Md. Farid Alom Jr. Instructor, Computer farid8724@gmail.com 01711125851